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From Anxious to Empowered with the unique Proven E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Programme™

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The next course runs from Wednesday 17th July 2024 from 7.30pm to 9.00pm, for 7 weeks - SOLD OUT

Please contact us the be added to the waitlist for our next course 


This live and interactive "Proven E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Programme™" takes you on a journey from Anxious to Empowered in just 7 weeks.

Each week, the course will consist of unique training, live demonstrations of strategies and techniques, group coaching and live Q&A so you can be sure all your questions will be answered.

You will be empowered to move forward with the tools and techniques to thrive. Each week, we will work through a new module together. Learning will be via discussions, presentations, videos and worksheets. I will also set some homework each week, which is estimated to take you no longer than 20 minutes per week to complete.

Your investment will include weekly group coaching sessions 


Each new concept and technique learned will ensure you are equipped with the tools to calm your mind when needed. The next live programme starts on Wednesday 17th July at 7.30pm and will run for 7 consecutive weeks.

Places are limited as I want to keep our sessions small and intimate so book your place today!


The course will educate you on what anxiety is, and why there is no need to allow it to dominate your life. We will optimise your mindset and overcome any anxious or limiting beliefs you may currently have, even if you are not yet aware of them! We will identify what it is you desire going forward and take ownership of how you want your life to be instead. We will address your wealth, health and happiness and understand what has been holding you back until now, and how you can propel yourself and your relationships forward instead. 

Each week, we address a different topic:-

Week 1 - The Empowering Emotions Enterprise™

Week 2 - The Motivating Mindset Masterclass™

Week 3 - The Passion and Purpose Provider™

Week 4 - The Optimal Ownership Opportunity™

Week 5 - The Wealth Health and Happiness Workshop™

Week 6 - The Effective Environment Experience™

Week 7 - The Revolutionary Relationship Recipe™

Each training module will be recorded so you will get to keep the course and refer back to each session when needed. We will also have an interactive Q&A each week so you can ask any questions that may arise. Throughout the seven weeks, I will check in with you and hold you accountable. It will be just like having me in your back pocket for the duration :)

You will receive:

- Access to the live Proven E.M.P.O.W.E.R. Programme™ for 7 weeks (worth £700)

- A recorded copy of the Proven EMPOWERED Programme™ for you to keep (worth £299)

- 6  group coaching sessions (worth £449)

- 6 accountability check-ins with me (worth £99)

That is a whopping £1,547 worth of INVESTMENT in yourself with training and coaching