Anxious Thoughts Diary Worksheet

The purpose of this Anxious Thoughts Diary exercise is to capture anxious thoughts and notice how they affect our feelings.

We can then challenge our anxious thoughts and reframe them for a more positive outcome.


We are often unconscious of our thoughts, and we can all say some awful things to ourselves sometimes, things we would never say to someone else. These unhelpful anxious thoughts can keep us in a place where we often feel stuck and overwhelmed, and may stop us from doing things we want or need to do.

The more anxious thoughts that we have, the less confident we feel, and this has a negative impact on our self-esteem. We can then have even more negative thoughts and it becomes a vicious cycle.

These thoughts may seem believable at the time, however it is important to remember they are just thoughts; and thoughts are not facts.

This exercise helps you get to know your thoughts better, should you wish to work through any that are bothering you.


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