Circle of Concern, Control and Influence Worksheet

Take Back Control of your Anxiety with this Circle of Concern, Control and Influence Worksheet.

Circle of Control and Influence

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We can often recognise that some things are outside of our control and will therefore fall into our circle of concern. It is easy to spend a lot of time worrying about these things, and they may make us feel very anxious. An example of something outside our control is knowing what the weather is going to do next Tuesday. However, you can influence how you feel about this, and therefore the impact on your life, by preparing yourself for the weather conditions. You can even go one step further and control how you prepare by choosing to take an umbrella or rain jacket with you that day.

It is easy for us to overlook how much control and influence we have over any given situation, especially when we are feeling anxious. Make a list of everything you have control over, such as the time you get up, what you wear, what you eat, if you want to answer the phone to an incoming call etc etc

Now make a list of everything that is outside of your control. This might be things like your work load, your relationship with your partner or your boss.

Now have a think about everything outside of your control and see what you can have influence over. Maybe your partner will be more loving if you show them love first? Maybe your boss will be more understanding if you tell him you feel overwhelmed by your workload? Maybe you can start preparing for that presentation you have to deliver in advance? I’m sure you get the idea!

There is scientific evidence to suggest that 91% of everything we worry about doesn’t actually come true, so it is an empowering exercise when you realise just how much is within your control and influence.

This exercise can be used for life in general, or for a specific scenario that is troubling you.


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