How to Implement An Exposure Ladder

Anxiety is the fear and nervousness of a perceived threat, most commonly anticipated in the future.

One way to face your fears and overcome your challenges is through the art of exposure.



While it's entirely reasonable for someone struggling with anxiety to seek safety in avoiding a situation they are fearful of, this approach denies them of the chance to discover their resilience.

Instead, when attempting to manage anxiety, an important step involves confronting those feared situations, places or objects, and we refer to this as “exposure”.

Exposure entails the intentional and incremental immersion into these anxiety-inducing situations. It's about acclimating yourself to them, thereby reducing the grip of anxiety while gradually expanding your comfort zone.

Crucially, it's important to stress that exposure should not be a daunting, all-or-nothing endeavour. Rather, it's a steady journey toward alleviating anxiety.

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