How I Will Help You

Coaching provides a designated time and space to explore whatever is on your mind. Our coaching sessions will provide a safe nurturing space for you to express your thoughts and feelings, without any fear of judgement. I will listen to you intently and ask thoughtful questions that may challenge your current thinking. I will motivate you to focus on your desired outcomes, and hold you accountable for achieving them. 

Anxiety support | Anxiety management coach

Our sessions will help you make sense of what has happening in your life, clarify what you want to do differently, empower you to find your own solutions and challenge you to make life long changes. 

I will walk beside you on your journey, and together we will identify the negative thoughts and belief patterns that contribute to your anxietiesMy goal is to teach you the strategies, tools and techniques to manage any obstacles in your life successfully. My mission is to ultimately provide you with the confidence in your own ability, to continue along your path without me.  

Your Journey to Overcome Anxiety

In my experience, the most effective and long lasting plan is when 10 sessions are arranged over a six month period. Initially, sessions are held on a weekly basis for 4 weeks. When you feel comfortable with the tools and techniques you have learnt, we will extend the sessions to every fortnight for two sessions, followed by every three weeks for two sessions, then every five weeks for our last two sessions.  This provides extended support with 10 sessions, over a six month period, and it will give you the confidence to face future challenges on your own. Should you wish, I will be available for ad hoc follow up sessions if desired, or for future support and guidance with a new challenge. 

Our sessions can be held face to face or over zoom. Face to face sessions can be held at a location of your choice, or my consultancy room in Chelmsford, Essex. Alternatively, I also offer Walk and Talk therapy sessions in and around the beautiful Essex countryside. 

Seek Professional Help

While coping strategies provide temporary relief from anxiety, it is important to seek professional help if anxiety is impacting daily life.

An Anxiety Specialist can prescribe a personalised treatment plan and help you develop coping strategies that are focused around your individual needs.

Taking care of your mental health is an essential part of your overall well-being.



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If anxiety is something you or your loved ones struggle with regularly, then please get in touch to discuss how I can help you overcome the underlying cause of your anxiety. You can book a FREE 45 minute discovery call here