Journaling Questions to Reduce Anxiety

I often recommend journaling to my anxious clients and they are always surprised just how much writing out their own thoughts can help them. Journaling provides an opportunity for self reflection and discovery, allowing us to become more aware of our thoughts and feelings, and providing a safe space to question our anxiety.

Journaling has been a key strategy in my own personal growth, and that of many successful people. I only wish I knew about the value of journaling when I used to struggle with debilitating anxiety myself.

Journaling for anxiety relief

How Does Journaling Reduce Anxiety?

Journaling is time set aside for self reflection and discovery and is highly recommended for anxiety and stress management. It can help us to reduce feelings of fear, nervousness and overwhelm and encourage us to better our well-being.

Journaling can be done as often as you feel the need to get thoughts out of your head and on to paper. It can be a free flow of thoughts and feelings, I try my best to journal every morning and like to ask myself specific questions that help serve me better.

I tend to only answer about 5 questions each time I sit down with pen and paper, and always start with how am I feeling, and end with what I am grateful for.

Journaling Questions to Reduce Anxiety

How do I feel right now?

This helps you to focus on how you are feeling in the present moment. It is a powerful question. Initially you may answer with surface level feelings, and not notice the emotions behind them.

So instead of saying “I feel anxious”, you would want to know what feelings accompany your anxiety. Maybe you are also feeling lonely or tired too.

What is obvious?

If for example you have realised you are tired, what is obvious may be that you need to get more sleep. So maybe you also need to schedule some quiet time to read and relax before bed, so you can increase your chances of a good nights sleep.

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How would I want to feel instead?

If you are feeling unmotivated, you might choose to feel inspired or energised instead.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, you may wish to feel more confident or courageous instead.

What small action can I take to feel better about myself today?

If you answered the above question with I want to feel inspired, who or what will help you to achieve that? Maybe you need to call a kind friend that can build you up and increase your confidence, or watch something that will inspire you.

Maybe you just need to listen to some empowering tunes and dance around the kitchen for 10 minutes!

Journalling for anxiety

What will make me feel good today?

Maybe call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while, or put some time aside to relax today, or take a walk in nature.

If you are really struggling, it may be as simple as getting out of bed.

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What can I do today to have more joy or fun?

Similar to the above question, what would bring you joy. It maybe meeting a friend for coffee and cake, or going for a walk. It may be reading or painting or watching your favourite show.

How will having more fun make me feel instead?

By focusing on how you would feel after the event brings us immediate joy and therefore elevates our mood, and also makes us more likely to follow through with what ever it is that will bring us joy.

What do I want to improve about myself today?

Maybe today you want to ensure you eat more healthily or include time for exercise. Maybe putting time aside to learn something new, or get better at a hobby.

Journalling for anxiety relief

What is my intention for today?

For me, this could be something like spend quality time with my daughter, or check in on a family member. It may also be connected to a project I am working on, or be related to my business.

It can be anything you choose it to be!

What do I want to create today?

Perhaps I want to create more connection today if I haven’t had the opportunity to see friends recently, or maybe I want to create a new blog or video about anxiety so I can serve more people.

What do I want to learn today?

I love to learn so this question is important to me. Maybe it is as simple as reading a chapter in a book, or researching something that interests me.

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What needs to happen for today to be a big win?

This is a great question to ask as it focuses your day on something positive. If you are struggling with debilitating anxiety or depression, this may be as simple as I need to have a shower.

Or it might be to complete a project or task you are working on.

What questions do I need to ask myself today?

One of my mentors once said to me “You can always ask yourself a better question”. So if you are questioning “Why am I finding it so hard to ask my boss for a pay rise”, a better question may be “What can I do today/this week to show my boss I am deserving of a pay rise”.

Journaling to reduce anxiety

What am I avoiding right now?

I often check in on this one. Anxiety can cause us to procrastinate so if I am avoiding something, it is usually because I have some anxiety around it. I can then ask myself what small step do I need to do to take this forward.

What values do I want to live by today?

Once we have identified our core values, we can use this question to ensure we are aligned with them. When we are aligned, we are more in flow and able to achieve what we desire.

Who do I need to be more like today?

This is a good question if you are facing something challenging. Which traits or emotions do you need to help you get over this challenge. Who do you know of, who would achieve this with ease. What would they do in this instance? Now you know what you need to do instead, to help you get closer to overcoming the challenge. The next steps you need to do can be broken down into baby steps if necessary.

Gratitude for anxiety relief

What am I grateful for?

I always end with this question as it is an instant mood booster. It may be something as simple as the sunshine, or hearing my daughter laugh. I make sure I find at least three things from the previous day.

It is all too easy to move on from that positive moment as life gets in the way, but this ensures I get a double dose of those feel good hormones as if I was back in the moment again!

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If You Need Further Support with Your Mental Wellbeing and Anxiety

If you need more support with your Mental Health, a trained Anxiety Specialist can prescribe you a personalised plan and help you develop coping strategies that are focused around your individual needs.

Taking care of your mental health is an essential part of your overall well-being. Left unresolved, anxiety can spiral out of control and have a significant impact on relationships, work, school and family life.

It is my belief that no one needs to struggle with anxiety, we just need the tools and techniques to overcome it.

So if you want to take the next steps to have a happier life where your fears no longer hold you back, click the link below and book a free no obligation consultancy call.

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