Overcoming Anxiety


How to relax | Anxiety management coach Essex

Its important to take time out to relax  

There are many ways of treating anxiety without medicationand each of the following techniques can be used independently, or you can use them in conjunction with each other. Talking therapy gives you an opportunity to discuss what is on your mind, and question your way of thinking, in a totally non-judgemental way. 

Alternatively, you may wish for your doctor to prescribe you antidepressants. In which case, they usually take two to four weeks to start to work and you may notice some side effects (your doctor should explain these to you).  

Cognitive Behaviour Techniques helps you to recognise that anxious feelings come from repeated distorted thoughts. Once you are able to recognise your thoughts and limiting beliefs, you are able to readdress negative thinking and behaviour patterns, which allows you relief from anxiety, alongside increase happiness and productivity.  

Controlled trials have indicated that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be as effective as medication, and longer lasting. 

Anxiety therapy | Anxiety management coach Essex

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) bases its methodology on modelling outstanding behaviour, and is the practice of understanding how we organise our thinking, language, feeling and behaviour. NLPassumes that everyone has got the answers within them, and provides you with a methodology to model the outstanding performances that you desire. 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is best described as emotional acupressure, and is based on 5,000 year old Eastern practiceWe will utilise your bodies meridian points by tapping on them with your hand, to stimulate your bodies own energy and healing. 

Relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, yoga and practicing gratitude can offer calmness, while refocussing your thoughts away from your fears. This in turn boosts the happy hormones, and the cycle of anxiety diminishes over time. 

What works best for one person may not be the solution for another, so I combine multiple techniques and tailor the solution that will be unique for you.