Better Your Life

3 Month Premium Package

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These 50-minute sessions will be held online or in person. We will explore the anxieties you currently have, along with any unhelpful beliefs. 

As an award winning anxiety specialist, Jennifer knows that no one needs to let anxiety dominate their life, and we all have the capability within us to overcome it.

Suitable for adults and children aged 14+.

Packages remain valid for 3 months.

Anxiety Coaching and Therapy will help you to:

☑️ Take back control of your life
☑️ Manage your negative thought patterns to stop you overthinking
☑️ Challenge your existing thoughts, beliefs and behaviours
☑️ Reduce and remove overwhelming feelings and emotions that are keeping you stuck
☑️ Improve your mindset resulting in a positive and heart focused perspective
☑️ Regain confidence and self esteem
☑️ Work towards positive outcomes so you can live a life by design instead of by default
☑️ Keep you accountable to develop your new skills and strategies 
Jennifer is passionate about teaching you the tools and techniques to overcome your anxiety, regain control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and empower you on your journey to “Better Your Life