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Do You Ever Ask Yourself If This Is As Good As It Gets?

Are You Tired of Living the Same Way Over and Over Again?

Do You Need To Release Anxious Emotions That Keep You Stuck? 


With the rise in Anxiety Disorders in the UK, referrals to the NHS are steadily growing and reaching unprecedented wait times.

If you are being affected by mental health challenges, rest assured you are not alone.

At Better Your Life, we are proud to be the Number 1 Anxiety Therapist and Specialist in the Essex area.

Jennifer's mission is to prove to you that no one needs to struggle with Anxiety  and she will equip you with the skills and strategies to conquer your fears, regain control of your behaviors, emotions, thoughts and feelings, and ultimately empower you on the path to "Better Your Life."

Jennifer is an award winning keynote speaker and anxiety specialist

With 30+ years of experience in coaching, Jennifer brings a vast amount of knowledge and expertise, and has been running her Essex based private practice, specialising in Anxiety Management, since 2016.

Jennifer is also an award-winning keynote speaker on Anxiety Management, working with local Essex schools and universities, as well as large FTSE 100 Companies.

Her expertise extends to both adults and children aged 11 +.

Jennifer Roblin Speaking from Stage about Anxiety Management 

If you are looking for an Anxiety Therapist in the Essex area, then please get in touch today for a 45 minute FREE no obligation consultation call.

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 Our Anxiety Management appointments are either in-person or held remotely online. This ensures your appointments are always accessible, flexible and convenient wherever you are based in Essex.

Jennifer also offers Walk and Talk Therapy in Essex and the surrounding countryside. 

The online sessions are held via the secure video platform, Zoom.

All sessions are 100% confidential.

 Walk and Talk Therapy with Anxiety Management Coach Essex

How Do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

Anxiety manifests as fear, overwhelm, nervousness, unease or worry concerning future situations or outcomes.

Everyone gets anxiety sometimes, such as when going for an interview for a sought after job or waiting for test results. However, when these fears consistently disrupt your everyday life, and hold you back from achieving what you want, it may be time to seek professional assistance.

When left unresolved, anxiety can spiral out of control and have a substantial impact on your health, relationships, career or education.

The truth is that reclaiming control over your life is entirely achievable, irrespective of the length of time or intensity you have had anxiety.


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Why See An Anxiety Specialist?

If you're struggling with anxiety, it is best to see someone that really understands your challenges.

Every client who turns to Jennifer for support has done so because anxiety disorders are the biggest area in their life that is holding them back. As such, Jennifer has gained an advanced level of experience with managing anxiety, and has amassed a diverse collection of success stories.

Jennifer's has also personally struggled with anxiety disorders for over 30 years, starting from the age of around 6 years old and  she experienced her first panic attack age 11.

This firsthand experience gives Jennifer a profound understanding of the debilitating nature of anxiety and the liberating feeling that accompanies overcoming it. 

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Understanding our Values at "Better Your Life"

Our Values are the Standard we live by


At the heart of who we are, we are compassionate and caring. We know how anxiety feels, and we know how hard it may be for you to pick up the phone or reach out for support.

We do not judge, we are here for you.

We are courageous and curious. We know what it is like to face our own fears, and we approach everything with an open mind. We are always looking for new tools and strategies that help our clients, and we are involved with some cutting edge collaborations that bring additional benefits our clients. 

We use a heart centered approach to Anxiety Management. It is thoughts and feelings that exacerbate anxiety, and therefore we need an alternative approach to overcoming it.

We combine our Heart Centered approach with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy and some CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). This combination ensures the best results.

We know we can get you results.

In return, we ask for your 100% commitment and openness to new ideas. Not only are we guiding you and keeping you accountable, we ensure you can have fun along the way!

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Together, we will work to transform your emotions, thoughts and behaviours so you can overcome the fear of anxiety for good.

Jennifer’s unique methodology, together with her vast experience in anxiety, makes the process quicker and easier than you could possibly imagine!!

Together, we will create a personalised solution that is designed specifically to your own individual needs and aspirations.

Jennifer Roblin Anxiety Specialist and Therapist

How Will Anxiety Coaching and Therapy Transform Your Life?

 Anxiety Coaching and Therapy will empower you to:

☑️ Reclaim control of your life

☑️ Restore confidence and enhance your self esteem

☑️ Challenge your existing thoughts, beliefs and behaviours

☑️ Cultivate a positive mindset that fosters a heart centered perspective

☑️ Alleviate overwhelming feelings and emotions that are restricting you

☑️ Navigate and manage negative thoughts, and prevent you overthinking

☑️ Strive for positive outcomes, enabling you to live life by design instead of default


Feeling Anxious, speak to an anxiety specialist and therapist


As An Anxiety Specialist, What Does Jennifer Specialise In?

Jennifer specialises in addressing all types of anxiety, including: 

☑️Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

☑️ Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

☑️Health Anxiety Disorder or Death Anxiety

☑️Relationship Anxiety Disorder

☑️ Separation Anxiety Disorder

☑️Panic Disorders or Panic Attacks

☑️Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

☑️ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

☑️ Phobias including agoraphobia, claustrophobia, school phobia

☑️ Addictions and addictive behaviour

☑️ Fear of Public Speaking

 ☑️ Imposter Syndrome


Anxiety can lead to addictions


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What Are The Symptoms of Anxiety?

Symptoms include, but are not limited to, the following:

☑️ Headaches and Muscle Aches

☑️ Excessive Sweating and Blushing

☑️ Tummy aches, butterflies or nausea

☑️ Brain Fog, Mood Swings and Irritability

☑️ Chest pains, heart palpitations and shortness of breath

☑️ Tight muscles and cramps, tingling or numb arms and legs

☑️ Feeling like you have a heavy weight on your chest, hard to breathe

☑️ Pins and needles in hands and feet

☑️ Hair loss and / or jaw tension

☑️Confusion and Overwhelm

☑️ Panic attacks

 ☑️ Skin disorders


Symptoms of anxiety can be chest pains 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will Jennifer get rid of my anxiety completely?

The primary role of anxiety is rooted in ensuring our safety, it is an evolutionary part of our development and survival. 

Without anxiety, we would not have survived as a species. And that doesn't just apply to humans, reptiles and mammals have the same fight and flight response as we do.

Engaging in anxiety management sessions will revolutionise your relationship with anxiety, and provide you with the tools, techniques and strategies needed to break free from the burden of existing anxious feelings, while increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

It's crucial to emphasise that anyone promising to completely eliminate anxiety forever demonstrates a lack of expertise in anxiety management. Anxiety will resurface again in genuinely fearful situations, just as it's designed to do!

However, equipped with the right tools and techniques acquired through learning, you gain the capacity to make rational decisions and navigate these situations effectively and fearlessly. 

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Q How many sessions does it take before I can overcome my anxiety?

This varies on each individual, how committed you are to change and how dedicated you are to implement what you have learnt. 

Q Can I do a combination of in person and zoom sessions?

Yes, absolutely.

Q My partner has a lot of anxiety about our relationship. Are we able to attend sessions together as this is impacting our marriage?

Yes, absolutely.

Q Do I have to prebook a session?

 You will need to prebook sessions in advance.

Q How long is the waiting list for therapy?

You can usually start sessions within 2-3 weeks of making the initial consultation call.

 Q Do you offer coaching and therapy on speaking in public and presenting at work?

Yes, Jennifer is a qualified speaker and has trained hundreds of professionals in the art of public speaking. She is passionate about sharing this skill with others.

She runs regular training courses and one on one sessions.

Q Does Jennifer do affordable group sessions?

 Yes we do offer group coaching sessions.

Q Do I need a medical diagnosis before I can be referred for your Anxiety Therapy?

No, you are able to self refer yourself.

School Anxiety

Q Does Jennifer work with children who are refusing to attend school due to their anxiety?

Yes, Jennifer regularly works with children and schools where the child is school refusing.

Q Can I attend sessions with my child as they are too anxious to attend alone?

Yes, however our intention is to get your child to a place where they have confidence and belief in their own ability as soon as possible.

This can often be achieved quicker without the parent being present.

It is however helpful for parents to have a better understanding of anxiety, and how best you can support your child in your home environment.

This can be discussed on the initial FREE 45 minute consultation call.

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Q My partner does not understand my anxiety. How can I help him to understand?

Jennifer suggests your partner also has a conversation with her so she can help educate them about anxiety disorders and encourage them to support you.

This is included in the packages offered and comes at no additional cost.

Anxious partner

Q I can not afford your services, do you have an online training course I could take?

We will soon be launching an online course.

Please get in touch so you can be added to the waitlist.

Q How much will it cost for your Anxiety Management Therapy?

A The investment depends on your unique needs and the duration of your therapy. Investment starts from £499.

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You don’t have to struggle with stress, worry, fear or anxiety.  You can get help now.

With our award winning professional Anxiety Therapy and Coaching you will be able to overcome your challenges and enjoy your life to its full again.

Jennifer Roblin is an award winning anxiety specialist and therapist


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What Our Clients Say About Our Results

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Anxiety Therapy in Essex

Anxiety Therapist, Essex

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