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In the UK, there has been a large increase in the diagnosis of mental ill health , including anxiety, stress, overwhelm and burnout. As a result, the demand for NHS referrals has surged, resulting in unprecedented wait times.
If you're experiencing any of these mental health challenges in your daily life, know that you're not alone.
At Better Your Life, Jennifer takes great pride in being the leading and longest serving Anxiety Specialist and Therapist in the Colchester and Essex area.
Jennifer's mission is to provide you with the skills and strategies necessary to overcome anxiety, regain control of your thoughts, behaviors, emotions and feelings, ultimately empowering you on the path to "Better Your Life."
Jennifer is an award winning keynote speaker and anxiety specialist
Jennifer is an award winning Anxiety Specialist and Therapist, and strongly believes that that no one needs to struggle with anxiety or let it govern their lives.
She has helped thousands of clients, and the success stories confirm the inherent capability within each and everyone of us to overcome it.
With a background of coaching within large financial corporations for 30+ years together with her worldwide experience, Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge in human behaviour.
Jennifer noticed that, regardless of location or culture, the one thing that held most people back from achieving the successes they were capable of was anxiety, so in 2016 she started her own Anxiety Management practice near Colchester, in Essex.
Jennifer is also an acclaimed keynote speaker on Anxiety Management, delivering impactful presentations in schools, universities and corporate companies, and is a # 1 International Best Selling Co-Author.
Jennifer works with adults and children age 7+

Jennifer Roblin Speaking from Stage about Anxiety Management 

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Our Anxiety Management Therapy and Coaching sessions are offered either in-person at our nearby consulting rooms or through remote online sessions. This flexibility ensures that appointments are easily accessible and convenient, meeting your needs wherever you are based in Colchester.

Furthermore, we offer Walk and Talk Therapy in Essex and the surrounding countryside.

Online sessions are facilitated through Zoom, a secure video platform, guaranteeing privacy and confidentiality throughout all sessions.

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Why See An Anxiety Specialist?

If you're struggling with anxiety, why settle for a generic coach or counsellor who specialises in every area of life, when you can work with an experienced therapist who specifically works with anxiety?

Each of Jennifer's clients has sought her expertise because anxiety is the most common area holding them back in various aspects of their lives. This translates into a wealth of experience with anxious clients, as well as thousands of success stories specifically relating to anxiety.

Jennifer, having battled anxiety herself for decades, possesses firsthand knowledge of its debilitating nature and the liberating feeling that comes with overcoming it. 

Navigating the challenges of anxiety can be overwhelming, unsettling, frightening ...

Never knowing when it will hit you next ...

It can feel lonely and isolating on your own ...

It can feel like you have no control of what is going on around you ...

Now, imagine having someone by your side who truly understands this experience!

Not someone who just read a book about anxiety ...

But someone who knows exactly how it feels to experience it ...

Someone who emerged out the other side with the wisdom and experience to spare you years of searching for ways to overcome it ...

Someone who is now able to guide you towards a life where you not only cope but thrive.


Jennifer Roblin Anxiety Specialist and Therapist

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How Do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

Speak to an anxiety specialist if you are feeling anxuous

Anxiety is the perception of fear, overwhelm, nervousness, unease, or worry regarding future situations or outcomes.

Experiencing occasional anxiety, such as before an important job interview or when waiting for test results, is a common aspect of life. However, when  fears and anxieties are persistent and begin to dominate your daily life, and stop you  functioning at your best, it is time to seek help.

If left untreated, anxiety can escalate in intensity and significantly impact your overall health, relationships, career or education.

The encouraging news is that reclaiming control over your life is entirely achievable, regardless of how long anxiety has been a part of your experience.


Feeling anxious is not weak, nor is it your fault. Acknowledging and addressing you are struggling with anxiety is a positive step towards regaining a sense of calmness in your life.

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Together, we will embark on a journey to redefine your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors, enabling you to conquer your fears permanently.

Jennifer’s tried and tested unique methodology, coupled with her extensive expertise in anxiety, ensures a surprisingly swift and effortless transformation!!!

Together, we will create a tailored solution that is designed specifically to address your own individual needs and aspirations.

Jennifer Roblin Anxiety Specialist and Therapist

How Will Anxiety Coaching and Therapy Transform Your Life?

 Anxiety Coaching and Therapy will empower you to:

☑️ Reclaim control of your life

☑️ Navigate and manage your negative thoughts, and prevent you overthinking

☑️ Challenge and reshape your existing thoughts, beliefs and behaviours

☑️ Alleviate overwhelming feelings and emotions that are restricting your progress

☑️ Cultivate a positive mindset and fostering a heart focused perspective

☑️ Restore confidence and enhance self esteem

☑️ Strive for positive outcomes, enabling you to live a life by design instead of default

☑️ Ensure accountability in developing new skills and strategies 

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As An Anxiety Specialist, What Does Jennifer Specialise In?

Jennifer specialises in addressing all types of anxiety, including: 

☑️Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

☑️Health Anxiety Disorder or Death Anxiety

☑️ Separation Anxiety Disorder

☑️ Fear of Public Speaking

☑️ Social Anxiety Disorder

☑️Panic Disorders or Panic Attacks

☑️Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

☑️ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

☑️ Phobias including agoraphobia, claustrophobia, school phobia

☑️ Derealisation and Depersonalisation

☑️ Addictions and addictive behaviour

☑️ Self harm and suicidal thoughts

 ☑️ Procrastination and overwhelm

☑️ Imposter Syndrome

☑️ Body Dysmorphia

☑️ Eating Disorders

☑️ Perfectionism

☑️ Overthinking

☑️ Hair pulling

☑️ Self sabotage


Anxiety can lead to addictions

 Too many people suffer from anxiety for extended periods of their lives, limiting their potential for achieving significant joy and happiness.

Anxiety affects individuals of all ages, encompassing adults, teenagers, and children alike.

No one is exempt from its reach.

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What Are The Symptoms of Anxiety?

☑️ Brain fog

☑️ Blushing

☑️ Hair loss

☑️ Irritability

☑️ Headaches

☑️ Chest pains

☑️Mood Swings

☑️ Panic attacks

☑️ Muscle aches

 ☑️ Skin disorders

☑️ Heart palpitations

☑️Shortness of breath

☑️ Excessive sweating

☑️ Tight muscles and cramps

☑️ Tingling or numb arms and legs

☑️ Jaw ache and clenching your jaw

☑️ Pins and needles in hands and feet

☑️ Tummy aches, butterflies or nausea

☑️ Feeling like you have a heavy weight on your chest, hard to breathe


Symptoms of anxiety can be chest pains 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can Jennifer completely eliminate my anxiety?

A Completely eradicating anxiety goes against its inherent purpose, which is rooted in ensuring our safety.

Anxiety is an essential aspect of human evolution. The human species owes its survival to our natural fear response.

The objective of engaging in anxiety management sessions is to change your relationship with anxiety, by disrupting and redirecting existing thoughts and behaviors.

These sessions equip you with tools, techniques and strategies to free yourself from the constraints of anxiety.

When you are no longer controlled by anxious thoughts, you gain the freedom to pursue your goals and passions with calm and ease.

Simultaneously, your confidence and self-esteem also receive a positive boost.

Clients consistently report improvements in their relationships, health, finances and careers, through their work with Jennifer.

It's important to note that anyone promising to completely eliminate anxiety lacks a comprehensive understanding of the subject and they are not an anxiety specialist.

Anxiety does serve a purpose and it will resurface if you find yourself in a genuinely fearful situation, just as it is designed to do!!

With the correct tools and techniques that you will have learned, you'll be able to make rational decisions and navigate these situations effectively and fearlessly.


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Q How many sessions does it take before I can overcome my anxiety?

A The number of sessions required varies for each individual and depends on your commitment to change and your dedication to implementing what you've learned.

Jennifer offers a FREE no obligation consultation call where you can discuss your situation (or that of your child) and she will tailor a unique solution for you.

Q I often work abroad. Can I do a combination of in person and zoom sessions?

A Yes, a combination of in-person and Zoom sessions is entirely possible.

Q Do you do drop ins or do I have to prebook a session?

A Sessions need to be pre-booked in advance.

Q How long is the waiting list for therapy?

A Jennifer typically gets clients started on sessions within 2-3 weeks of the initial consultation call.

Q Do you do emergency sessions?

A Yes, Jennifer does have a limited number of emergency sessions available each month, with priority given to existing clients, children and young adults in urgent need.

Q Do you offer specific training on speaking in public and presenting at work?

A  Absolutely, Jennifer is an experienced and qualified speaker who has trained numerous professionals in the art of public speaking.

She is passionate about sharing this skill and conducts regular training courses as well as one-on-one sessions.

Q Do you offer affordable group sessions, or is it one person at a time only?

A Yes, we do provide group coaching sessions. If you're interested in joining, please contact us.

Q Do I need a medical diagnosis before being referred for Anxiety Therapy?

A No, a medical diagnosis is not necessary. You can self-refer without requiring a specific medical diagnosis.

Q Do you work with children refusing to attend school due to severe anxiety?

A Certainly, we have vast experience working with children refusing to attend school. 

With proper permissions, Jennifer can also collaborate with the school to ensure the best outcome for the child.

Anxious Child

Q Can I accompany my child to sessions if they are too anxious to attend alone?

A Yes, you can attend sessions with your child. However, Jennifer's goal is to guide your child toward gaining confidence and belief in their own abilities as quickly as possible. This is often achieved more efficiently without the parent being present.

Nevertheless, it is beneficial for parents to gain a deeper understanding of anxiety and learn how to best support their child in the home environment.

This aspect can be discussed during the initial FREE 45-minute consultation call.

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Q My partner struggles to comprehend my anxiety, and it's causing tension and frustration. How can I help him understand?

A We recommends that, if needed, your partner engages in a conversation with us. In this discussion, we can reassure them that your worries are legitimate to you and are driven by your anxiety. This is a temporary stage and, when working with us, you will soon be back to your previous self!

Additionally, we will provide your partner with strategies to assist you during anxious moments.

This support is integrated into the packages offered and does not incur any additional costs.

Anxious partner

Q I cannot afford your services. Do you offer an online training course I could take?

A Currently, Jennifer conducts the online training courses "live" to provide you with a weekly Q&A session, addressing your specific needs.

We have plans to introduce an affordable online course soon.

Please contact us to be added to the waitlist.

Q How much do you charge for your Anxiety Management Therapy?

A The investment varies based on your specific needs and the duration of therapy.

Investment starts from £499.

Book a FREE consultancy call and one of the team can discuss this with you.

or call us on 07503 067941

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You don't need to endure the burdens of stress, worry, fear, or anxiety any longer. Immediate assistance is available.

Through our acclaimed Anxiety Therapy and Coaching services, you can conquer these challenges and reclaim the joy of living life to its fullest once again.

Jennifer Roblin is an award winning anxiety specialist and therapist


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