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There has been a huge increase in anxiety, stress and other mental and emotional wellbeing challenges in recent years. If your day to day life is being impacted, then you are not alone. Jennifer can help you.

At Better Your Life, Jennifer takes great pride in being the leading and longest running Anxiety Therapist and Specialist in the Chelmsford and Essex area.
Jennifer is passionate about teaching you the tools and techniques to overcome your anxiety, regain control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour, and empower you on your journey to “Better Your Life”
Jennifer is an award winning keynote speaker and anxiety specialist
As an award winning anxiety therapist, Jennifer believes that no one needs to let anxiety dominate their life, and we all have the capability within us to overcome it.
Jennifer has over 30 years of coaching experience in the corporate world and has worked in multiple cities in the USA and Europe, before setting up her private practice in Chelmsford, Essex, in 2016 and  specialising in Anxiety Management Therapy.
Jennifer is also an award winning keynote speaker on Anxiety Management in schools, universities and corporate companies, and works with adults and children age 7+

 Jennifer Roblin Anxiety Specialist and Therapist

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 Jennifer’s professional Anxiety Therapy and Coaching is provided via face to face appointments at our Chelmsford consultancy room, as well as remotely online, to ensure it is accessible, flexible and convenient and you can get support anytime, anywhere.

Jennifer also offers Walk and Talk Therapy in Chelmsford and the surrounding countryside.

The online sessions are held through a secure platform via Zoom.

 Walk and Talk Therapy with Anxiety Management Coach Essex

Why See An Anxiety Specialist?

If you are struggling with anxiety, why go to a generic coach or counsellor who specialises in “everything” when you can see an experienced anxiety specialist?

Every client Jennifer works with has come to her because anxiety is holding them back in one of more areas of their life. That is a lot of anxious clients and a lot of success stories!

Jennifer also struggled herself with anxiety for 30 years, so she has first hand experience of how debilitating it can feel.

Navigating the twists and turns of anxiety can be like exploring uncharted territories. Now, imagine having a seasoned guide by your side?

Someone who's not just read the map…

But has also walked the path…

Suffered through peaks and troughs…

And emerged with the wisdom and experience to save you years of struggles, and light your way to a life where you thrive.

Jennifer Roblin Anxiety Specialist and Therapist

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 Why Choose Better Your Life ?

☑️ Award Winning, Qualified and Experienced Therapist 

☑️ Specifically Tailored to Your Own Unique Needs

☑️ Professional, Friendly & Recommended

☑️ Fast and Flexible Appointments

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How Do I Know If I Have Anxiety?

Speak to an anxiety specialist if you are feeling anxuous

Anxiety is the feeling of worry, overwhelm, nervousness, unease or fear about an event or outcome.

Everybody feels some anxiety at points in their lives, such as during an exam or a job interview, however when our fears and anxieties have an impact on our everyday lives, and stop us functioning at our best, it may be time to seek help.

Left untreated, anxiety can increase in intensity and spiral out of control, having an impact on your health, your relationships, career or schooling.

The good news is, it is entirely possible to take back control of your life, no matter how long you have been struggling.


Feeling anxious is not your fault and you are not weak.

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We will work together to change the way you feel, think and behave, so you can overcome anxiety for good.

And with Jennifer’s unique approach and vast experience in her specialist area of anxiety, it is quicker and easier than you think!!

Together, we will create a personalised solution that is tailored specifically to your own unique needs and desires.

Jennifer Roblin Anxiety Specialist and Therapist

How Will Anxiety Coaching and Therapy Help You?

 Anxiety Coaching and Therapy will help you to:

☑️ Take back control of your life

☑️ Manage your negative thought patterns to stop you overthinking

☑️ Challenge your existing thoughts, beliefs and behaviours

☑️ Reduce and remove overwhelming feelings and emotions that are keeping you stuck

☑️ Improve your mindset resulting in a positive and heart focused perspective

☑️ Regain confidence and self esteem

☑️ Work towards positive outcomes so you can live a life by design instead of by default

☑️ Keep you accountable to develop your new skills and strategies 

Feeling Anxious, speak to an anxiety specialist and therapist


As An Anxiety Specialist, What Does Jennifer Specialise In?

 Anxiety can show up in many different ways, such as:

☑️Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

☑️ Social Anxiety Disorder

☑️ Separation Anxiety Disorder

☑️Health Anxiety Disorder or Death Anxiety

☑️Panic Disorders or Panic Attacks

☑️Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

☑️ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

☑️ Phobias such as agoraphobia, claustrophobia, school phobia

☑️ Fear of Public Speaking

☑️ Derealisation and Depersonalisation

☑️ Self harm and suicidal thoughts

☑️ Imposter Syndrome

☑️ Eating Disorders

☑️ Procrastination

☑️ Perfectionism

☑️ Overthinking

☑️ Hair pulling

☑️ Self sabotage

☑️ Addictions

Anxiety can lead to addictions

 Many people suffer from anxiety for many years of their lives, and this holds them back from achieving so much.  Anxiety affects adults, teenagers and children.

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What Are The Symptoms of Anxiety?

☑️ Chest pains

☑️Shortness of breath

☑️ Headaches

☑️ Tummy aches, butterflies or nausea

☑️ Muscle aches

☑️ Brain fog

☑️ Heart palpitations

☑️ Sweating

☑️ Blushing

☑️ Tight muscles and cramps

☑️ Jaw ache and clenching your jaw

☑️ Tingling or numb arms and legs

☑️ Pins and needles in hands and feet

☑️ Feeling like you have a heavy weight on your chest, hard to breathe

☑️ Panic attacks

☑️ Irritability

☑️ Skin disorders

☑️ Hair loss

Symptoms of anxiety can be chest pains 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will Jennifer get rid of my anxiety completely?

A The sole purpose of anxiety is to keep us safe and it is an evolutionary part of our human development and survival. In fact, we would not have survived as a species if we had no fear of ANYTHING!

The purpose of attending anxiety management sessions is to change your relationship with anxiety and teach you the tools, techniques and strategies so that anxiety no longer holds you back. You will no longer be triggered by anxious thoughts and will be able to achieve anything you want with a feeling of calmness and ease.

Alongside this, your confidence and self esteem will also improve. Clients repeatedly tell us that their relationships, health, finances and career all improve as a result of the work you will do with Jennifer.

If anyone promises you they will eliminate anxiety completely, they are not a specialist in anxiety, and do not understand it.

Anxiety will pop up again if you were in a genuine fearful situation, just as it is supposed to. You will then be able to make a rational decision of the best action to take, using the tools and techniques you will have been taught.

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Q How many sessions does it take before I can overcome my anxiety?

A This varies depending on each individual, your commitment to change and dedication to implement what you have learnt.

Jennifer offers a FREE no obligation consultancy call where you can discuss your situation (or that of your child) and she will prescribe a solution that is unique to you.  

Jennifer Roblin Speaking from Stage about Anxiety Management

Q I often work abroad. Can I do a combination of in person and zoom sessions?

A Yes, absolutely this is possible.

Q Do you do walk ins or do I have to prebook a session?

A You will need to prebook a session in advance.

Q How long is the waiting list for therapy?

A Again this does depends, Jennifer can usually get you started on sessions within 2-3 weeks of making the initial consultation call.

Q Do you do pro bono or charity sessions?

A Yes, Jennifer has a number of pro bono sessions available each month. They do get booked up quickly and are usually prioritised for children and young adults who are most in need.

Q Do I need a medical diagnosis before I can be referred for your Anxiety Therapy?

A No, you do not need a medical diagnosis, and you are able to self refer yourself.

Q Does Jennifer work with children who are refusing to attend school at the moment, because their anxiety is so bad?

A Yes, Jennifer has worked with multiple children and schools where the child was school refusing, and in every case, the child has returned to their education. With the parents permission (and child, depending on age) Jennifer can work with the school to ensure the best outcome for the child.

Anxious Child

Q Can I attend sessions with my child as they are too anxious to attend alone?

A Yes, however Jennifer’s intention is to get your child to a place where they have confidence and belief in their own ability as soon as possible. This is often achieved quicker without the parent being present.

That said, it is helpful for parents to have a better understanding of anxiety too, and understand how you can best support your child in your home environment.

This can be discussed on the initial FREE consultation call.

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Q My partner does not understand my anxiety and he is getting really frustrated with me. How can I help him to understand?

A Great question! Whenever this happens, Jennifer always suggests your partner has a conversation with her so she can explain that your worries are very real to you and it is impossible to just snap out of them. She will also teach your partner some strategies that they can help you use in an anxious moment.

This is included in the packages offered, and comes at no additional cost.

Anxious partner

Q I can not afford your services, do you have an online training course I could take?

A At the moment, Jennifer still runs the online training courses “live” as she wants you to benefit from a Q&A with her each week so she can help with your specific needs.

We are planning on launching an affordable online course soon. Please get in touch so you can be added to the wait list.

Q How much is the investment for an Anxiety Therapist in Chelmsford, Essex

A The investment very much depends on your specific needs and the duration of your therapy. Investment starts from £499.

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You don’t have to struggle with stress, worry, fear or anxiety.  You can get help now.

With our award winning professional Anxiety Therapy and Coaching you will be able to overcome your challenges and enjoy your life to its full again.

Jennifer Roblin is an award winning anxiety specialist and therapist


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What Our Clients Say About Our Results

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Anxiety Therapist, Chelmsford, Essex

Anxiety Therapist Chelmsford Essex

Chelmsford is the county town in Essex, England, and the hometown of "Better Your Life".

Jennifer, the founder, has had her own practice as an Anxiety Therapist in Chelmsford, since 2016.

Chelmsford is located 30 miles north-east of London and 22 miles south-west of Colchester, and has great transportation links.

Better Your Life is a short bus or taxi ride from the main train station.

Chelmsford incorporates the former parishes of Broomfield, Newland Spring, Great Leighs, Great Waltham, Little Waltham, Great Baddow, Little Baddow, Galleywood, Howe Green, Margaretting, Pleshey, Stock, Roxwell, Danbury, Bicknacre, Writtle, Moulsham, Rettendon, The Hanningfields, The Chignals, Widford, Springfield, Chelmer Village and Beaulieu Park.

We look forward to hearing from you and being on this journey with you.

To your success!

The Better Your Life Team