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Walk and Talk Coaching Sessions

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Walk and Talk Anxiety Management sessions take place in and around the beautiful Essex countryside. Walking side by side is especially beneficial for anyone socially anxious, or initially uncomfortable with eye contact. The conversation and pace will still be led by you, but we will be in a natural and relaxed environment. 

I believe spending time outdoors helps combat anxiety and stress, lowers blood pressure and improves memory. Scientists agree with me too! We would normally do a circular walk, with the distance, pace and location which suits youShorter Walk and Talks are of course possible too, when we may spend our time together sitting at a bench (or even sheltering in a coffee shop, should the weather not be so great)I may combine some NLP, Timeline Therapy, EFT or CBT work into the session too. 

Many clients report they find it easier to open up, reflect and move on, when walking and talking side by side, in a beautiful natural environment

Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes