Free Guide: How to Help Your Anxious Child

          How to help your anxious child

          Download free ebook for anxiety management

          Our Free comprehensive eBook reveals everything you need to know to help you support your Anxious Child, including:

          • What is anxiety and why do we get anxious?
          • What are the symptoms of anxiety and what can we do when anxiety doesn't serve us so well?
          • What causes anxiety disorders and how we can recognise the onset of an anxiety disorder?
          • How to know if your child is struggling with anxiety and how you can help them?

          Free Guide: How to Manage Workplace Stress and Anxiety

          Manage Workplace Stress and Anxiety


          Ebook on anxiety management

          Breathing Techniques

          One of the best ways we can learn to control our anxiety is through breathing techniques, as slowing and regulating our breathing sends signals to our heart and brain that we are in a safe place. Use these Breathing Techniques to Calm Anxiety

          You can also watch lots of videos about breathing techniques, as well as much more, on our YouTube Channel


          Take Back Control of your Anxiety with the Circle of Control and Influence Worksheet

          Recognise how your Emotions are making you feel with the Emotions Worksheet

          Become aware of your thoughts with the Anxious Thoughts Diary Worksheet

          Learn how to reframe anxious thoughts with the Reframe Anxious Thoughts Worksheet

          Learn how our thoughts can create additional anxiety with the Cognitive Distortions Worksheet

          Monitor your emotions with the Emotions Diary Worksheet

          Face your fears with the Exposure Ladder Worksheet

          Learn How To Make a Worry Box so you can park your worries throughout the day

          Understand how to us Journaling Questions to Reduce Anxiety

          Know what three things enable you to Master Your Emotions

          Find the best productivity tool for Overcoming Procrastination


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          Reflection - anxiety management skills - techniques for stress reduction - walk and talk therapy

           Reflection is an important aspect to learning new behaviours 

          "Self-care is not selfish. Make time for yourself - you are important too"